About Constant Bear and the Looking Owl
Professor Cheng said that doing the "Constant Bear” 100 times a day for 100 days, in an unbroken thread, can produce a return to health and center our wellbeing. It is a wonderful, traditional exercise which is both simple and easy and can be done at any age.*

The constant bear represents the yin aspect. This relates to the mass of the Earth, as well as the Earth of our own body and its rhythms on a daily, monthly, seasonal and yearly basis. The Constant Bear also connects with our deepest reserves of Jing (ancestral qi), and the power to restore them. When we exhale, we distribute qi throughout the body.

The looking owl, which sits on top of the head, represents the Yang aspect. This relates to the more etheric Heavens, and the Receivers of Heavenly Qi within ourselves that are our lungs. Within them is the power to bring the Heavenly Qi into our bodies, and deep into the Jing to restore it. It also connects to the inhale as the qi is brought in.

As we work with this image we affect our deepest levels of qi.

The word “constant” has several meanings. One is “marked by a firm, steadfast resolution or faithfulness”. Another is “invariable”, as in a constant flow. A third is “continually occurring”. Let us embrace the steadfastness of the Bear and be resolute in our devotion to our own health and wellbeing as we work together continually for 100 days.

*Cheng Man –ch’ing Master of Five Excellences Mark Hennessy page 114-116

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