Special Tuning

Special Tuning 2020
100 days At-Home Qi-Building Tuning. Starting at April 18 2020 

With the entire world coping with a pandemic,
it is more important than ever for us to work together in unity to heal ourselves and our planet.

We invite you to join this special healing tuning dedicated to all people.

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Constant Bear and Owl explanation

Sunday 26 July 06:00 PM Amsterdam
Sign up for the Tuning and you’ll receive the Zoom link and password

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(You do not need to register a second time if you already registered after receiving a newsletter from the TCF.)


  • We just need your email address, first and last name. We will not solicit, share, or give away your contact information. You can opt out at any time.
  • Periodically through the 100 days of Tuning you will receive an email from Margaret Olmsted, one of our teachers.
  • You’ll receive a daily drawing of Bear, owl and the white crane in your mailbox
  • Following the Tuning you will be invited to complete a short, online questionnaire.