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Qigong Tai Chi Twins

We will call them Yang Hee and Yin Shi. They are filled with puffy qi and life and joyful energy. They represent us at our strongest and healthiest as young children.

The Chinese always see the puffiness as Qi, our life force. This wonderful energy is called Jing and it comes from all of our ancestors, back in time up to the present, and is absorbed into the body and gives strength to last a lifetime.

As children we have access to this Jing qi all the time as we grow. When we turn into adults, at 20 to 25 years old, our free access is closed and we are expected to generate our own Ying qi which is made primarily from the qi of air, water and food. The Jing is saved for emergencies and healing and special events. The Ying qi turns into the qi of the five different elements/qualities and we keep it circulating by taking good care of ourselves.

This is where our twins come in. Yin Shi, our girl, is really representative of our kidneys or Kidney Yin qi. She must keep a storehouse of energy and clean clear water available at all times. The water must flow continually and be constantly filtered and energized with electrolytes. The water qi is then stored in the kidneys as the water itself flows on.

Yang Hee, our boy, represents our adrenals, or Kidney Yang qi. The adrenaline is created and stored in the adrenals but not much of it is used in the winter because we protect ourselves by staying indoors, resting, safe in our warm houses. This yang qi is kept in our blood, so it can be accessed in larger amounts when needed for everything from getting out of the way of a car to having fun at a party. And our twins love to party!

But they don’t get to party all the time. Just like us they have a job to do. They coordinate and work together on something called a water wheel which they run much like a stationary bicycle, one on each side of a huge wooden wheel which when it turns, pulls water out from a sparkling clean stream and pours it onto the land to irrigate it and keep it always moist for everything to grow and heal when needed.

So the twins work together to store up and house a great deal of qi energy during the winter but they don’t use it up. That happens when spring comes and every plant and every human and every other animal use that water qi to fuel the regrowth of spring!

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The twins have two friends who are very playful and live in the water. They are twins too! They are two big carp, one male and one female, who love to loop over the water wheel, around each other, and swim when the twins want to swim. They represent everything that lives in this circulating stream – all life forms, hormones, blood, water and other fluids.

Yang Hee and Yin Shi are both really ourselves. In this tuning, we will do the moves that run the Water Wheel: Kidney Yang, the energy side going up that energizes, adding electrolytes, creating adrenaline, and Kidney Yin, the side going down that filters and cleanses, captures and stores the water. Taken together, they create qi energy.

Furthermore we will do the Kidney Stroke self-massage, which is very like the Water Wheel itself, in its action and its cleansing and energizing of the water.We start in December, and we go to February. Early in February, the Wood energy of Spring, almost invisible at this point, starts deep below ground and will begin to utilize that beautiful stored water qi, enough so that we can work and heal and play and be healthy all year long.

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