Special Tuning 2020

To start this tuning Gerrie Sporken and Jonathan Stow have given a Qi Gong class on Zoom. 

Special Healing Tuning
100 days At-Home Qi-Building Tuning. 

With the entire world coping with a pandemic,
it is more important than ever for us to work together in unity to heal ourselves and our planet.

We invite you to join this special healing tuning dedicated to all people.

1. Constant Bear

  • First, let’s follow Professor Cheng’s advice that doing the Constant Bear and Looking Owl 100 times a day for 100 days (in an unbroken thread) will generate better health, stimulate our defensive qi (called wei qi, which protects our lungs) and help improve our wellbeing.


2. White Crane Stretches Its Wing

  • Then, since the corona virus assaults lungs, add White Crane Stretches its Wing to support our Lungs that receive heavenly qi through breathing. Work at your own pace for five minutes (or longer if you like).The goal is to experience the filling of each lung and feel the qi in your body. Conclude when you feel each lung has expanded fully and has brought a sensation of qi, which can be a tingling sensation to your fingers, toes, or any area of your body.


3. Chest caress self-massage

  • Do the chest caress self-massage for 49 downward strokes.
    You can choose when you would like to do this, after the Bear moves before the Crane or after the Crane.
  • Then observe: How does your chest feel? Has your breathing expanded? Does it feel more relaxed?
  • Finish with a few Constant Bears.


We will begin this tuning right after the spring tunings, to protect ourselves and dedicate time for self-care. We will practice through late spring, with its refreshing awakening quality, continuing as more sunlight and warmth support our healing, slowly moving into the peak of summer.

Let’s explore how it will be to commit to a daily routine over several seasons. Let’s practice together from our separate locations and stay united to support all of humanity in this pandemic time.

Do take care of yourselves.


There are no formal restrictions. We would recommend a Clean Diet without overeating. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes or anything else which drains your energy. Keep sugar or heavily fried foods to a minimum. Get enough sleep and rest. These recommendations are based on the idea that we don’t want to drain our energy as we are building it! If you keep that in mind, you can make your own recommendations to yourself.

We do not recommend completely withdrawing from addiction during this period. Even if it would be a good idea, the process of withdrawal from energy draining substances is energy draining in itself.

We are all connected during a tuning and our energy will affect each other and the whole group. As we are all tuning in to each other, staying in a healthy vibration will give support to everyone else. We want this to be fun and energizing and healing and happy! Use that as your guideline.


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You can purchase the Roots and Branches Qi Gong DVD or stream it from: smile.amazon.com
Or you may be able to purchase it from your local tai chi location.