Spring Tunings 2022 Videos and Indications
Sunday March 6 to Saturday April 2, 2022, 28 days

Growing Bamboo-Vision Walk

Vision Walk

Yin Yang Breath

Growing Bamboo

Eye Massage

Welcome to the Vision Walk tuning! We look forward to generating qi with you.
Here are the instructions and video clips.

Recommendation: Find a suitable spot in front of a window to look out from or, if possible, do the work outside. Open yourself to the freshness of the spring air!

Daily routine Growing Bamboo - Vision Walk:

the timing is indicating the total time you may choose.
You can divide the time as you feel each day.
For a better result, add a bit of time everyday.
Start with a minimum total of 7 minutes and lengthen as suits you to an optimal time of 21 minutes.

Yin Yang breath for an odd number (minimum is 3)

Growing Bamboo as long as you see fit (see video clip)
When the dantian feels connected to heaven and earth, you can step a little wider, and then open the front foot to the diagonal and shift more weight (70%) into the front leg.
At first, stay rooted in the present then
• explore by moving back and forth
• alternating directions as is fitting to your moment
Relaxation lengthens the steps, softens the tendons and ligaments, and loosens the ankles and joints.
Remember to breathe.

Vision Walk
Follow the explanation in the video.
Start easy with a few steps and allow the move to root you where you stand.
Every day you can add a few steps.

Eye Massage
Use the qi you generated for the Eye Massage as in the video

Yin Yang breath even number (minimum is 2)

You can use a timer (like the Insight Timer app). You can work longer if that feels good. It is all about freeing yourself of restraints and obligations and strengthening your inner core of infinite time and space.

Keep track of your health and well-being:
We would like you to assess how you see yourself at the beginning and end of the tuning.
Suggestion: take a selfie of yourself in total before you begin and after the tuning is done.

In general, what do you observe about yourself
In your Spirit

Write it down and file it somewhere you won’t lose it.
We will ask you to rate yourself again at the end of the tuning and report back to us.


Stalking the Fox

With "Stalking the Fox" we open ourselves to the energy of Spring, the energy of Hope, and the excitement of new possibilities. The repetition and refinement of the movement can bring us increased metabolism, sharper thinking, and the ability to look ahead and make plans and decisions.

In addition, as we strengthen our legs, and move with empty steps and relaxed straightness, we return our body to optimum structural alignment and circulation. After a winter of being less active, this move brings our energy up and out, ready for sports, and play, and action.


See the video for how to do the move. (the video has no sound)

Daily routine Stalking The fox:

Start with a minimum of 9 minutes and lengthen as suits you, to an optimal time of 21 minutes.

Begin with the Constant Bear & the Looking Owl for about 3 minutes.

Follow with Stalking the Fox for 5 - 7 minutes.

  • Imitate the fox as you relax into the positions and movements.
  • From diagonal to diagonal is the essence
  • At first, stay rooted in the present, exploring by moving back and forth but not moving forward.
  • Notice that with each turn you are pointing to the direction you are moving towards, exploring new possibilities.
  • When the dantian feels connected to earth and heaven you can take rooted steps into the future.
  • Remember to breathe and relax so you can generate qi.

End with a few minutes of the Constant Bear with the Looking Owl


Additional information to be aware of: from diagonal to diagonal is the essence

As we arrive in the position we experience being present in this moment. As we shift back and change our direction we move into the future.

Switching from diagonal to diagonal is the essence of the wood section of the tai chi form and teaches us how to take new points of view and move into the future. It doesn't require actually moving forward. In fact in the wood section of the form we move only backward and sideways and on the diagonal and there is no forward motion.


Keeping track of your health and well-being:
We would like you to write down how you feel at the beginning and end of the tuning. On a scale of one to ten, rate the following:

  • Physical health
  • Emotional health
  • Mental focus
  • Sense of wellbeing
  • Sense of feeling connected to your spirit

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Or you may be able to purchase it from your local tai chi location.