Embrace The Earth Videos

The Postures and Movements
We begin with Embrace the Dao, becoming One with all there is.
Then, with the Center Pole posture, we build our strength through softness, both physically and mentally. This posture can embody the energy of receiving or of giving and letting go.
In Sowing Seeds, our feet are connected to the earth as our dantian spreads our arms, relaxing from the forward hand to the opposite back foot. Repeating the move as a walk mobilizes all our muscles and tissues. Doing this move in a group can be satisfying when everyone feels centered together.
The belly massage is best done standing up. Let your dantian be your guide to get the circles going.
We round out the session by returning to Embrace the Dao.
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Suggested daily routine to build strength through softness:
• Embrace the Dao (1 minute or longer)
• Center Pole (4 to 8 minutes)
• Sowing Seeds (4 to 8 minutes)
• Belly massage
• Embrace the Dao (1 minute)

Start with a minimum of 12 minutes total and lengthen as it suits you to an optimal time of 21 minutes total. The suggestions for the timing are general. Like cooking, you can lengthen or shorten the sections depending on how you feel on a particular day. Be sure you feel balanced with the timing you choose. Use a timer (such as the Insight Timer app) if you like.

Suggestion: why not let your family or friends know about the embrace earth tuning and connect with them through the moves of wellbeing.

Please be aware that these videos are the copyrighted property of the Tai Chi Foundation and cannot be reproduced without prior permission.

Note how you are. How is your health and well-being?/strong>
We would like you to get a sense of yourself at the beginning and end of the tuning.
• How are you today?
• How are you physically?
• How satisfied are you with your life?
• Can you quiet your mind?

Write it down and file it somewhere you won’t lose it. We will ask you to rate yourself again at the end of the tuning for a comparison.
Enjoy the tuning! You will be added to a Google email group specifically for this tuning. Margaret Olmsted will send out a weekly email with updates, suggestions, advice, and pictures. You can also reply to any of the emails to share your

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You can purchase the Roots and Branches Qi Gong DVD or stream it from: smile.amazon.com
Or you may be able to purchase it from your local tai chi location.