It might take a few seconds for the video to load. Please be patient and remain in your dantian.


Here is the trick with the timing.
Allow yourself to get into the fire energy.
Look at the video clips to get into the moves.
First Embrace the Tao to settle into your dantian, the furnace to hold the fire.
How much time you need is up to your heart rate and blood circulation.
It can be lovely to stay in the Gate of Fire for a while, your arms in a circle, one hand facing your heart the other hand completing the magnetic protective circuit around you at heart height, front and back between the shoulder blades.
Once you have charged your batteries you are ready to enjoy the Lion Dance and lose yourself in the midst of the steps.
Build your fire qi knowing that there are people with you at their own safe environment .

Afterwards, how does it feel to do the 49 chest caresses at the end.

Daily routine to build fire:

Start with a minimum of 7 minutes and lengthen as suits you to an optimal time of 21 minutes.

Embracing the Tao – 1 minute

Fire Gates – 2 minutes

Lion dance – 2 minutes

Chest caress self-massage – 49 strokes

Embracing the Tao – 1 minute


You can use a timer (like the Insight Timer app). You can work longer if that builds your fire. It is all about relaxing and finding your inner flow of love and laughter.

Note how you are. How is your health and well-being?
We would like you to get a sense of yourself at the beginning and end of the tuning.

In general, how are you?
In your body
Quiet Mind?
Heart okay?
Good life?

Write it down and file it somewhere you won’t lose it. We will ask you to rate yourself again at the end of the tuning and report back to us.

Enjoy the Tuning! You will be added to a google email group specifically for the tuning. Margaret Olmsted will be sending out updates, suggestions, advice and pictures weekly. You can also reply with your comments and pictures of spring. You can opt out of this group, opt to receive weekly summaries or receive daily emails.