We want to thank Karen Kohlhaas for directing and editing the Roots and Branches 5 Element DVD. Her contribution to these beautiful videos has greatly enhanced our ability to share this work with people all over the world.

YIN YANG BREATH minimum 9 times, optimal 21 TIMES
To begin the White Crane Breathing Tuning, we start with the yin-yang breath a minimum 9 times and optimally 21 TIMES. This breathing position is to receive the qi energy passing between Heaven and Earth, it is the same breathing as in the beginning of the tai chi form and in Roots and Branches Five-Element Qigong.

We now become the crane, standing on one leg with our arm raised. We are held up by a golden thread to the heavens, and we feel very secure standing on one foot on the Earth. This is the same position as in the tai chi form (often called White Stork Spreads its Wings) but here we switch from one leg to the other.

Each crane will work at its own pace, feeling the air bringing the qi to every part of the body. Conclude when you feel each lung has expanded fully and has brought a sensation of qi, which can be a tingling sensation to the fingers, toes and any area of the body.

Repeat for a minimum of 5 minutes. You may extend this longer. The goal is to experience the filling of the lungs and the feeling of qi throughout the body. In this way, while there is a minimum, you are unlimited as to time or breaths.

Take a beautiful walk with one hand up receiving the inspiration of heaven. The other hand is to the side facing down as if on a column of air. When the upper hand goes towards the earth, you release any heaviness or anything that you no longer need.

Imagine walking on a riverbed of smooth jade stones. Walk for as long as necessary to experience your self-worth. This experience might take some time, but let the breath lead the way.

Follow the video for indications. Let the palms of your hands alternately touch the sides of your throat 49 times.

Sit down and put your palms on top of your knees. Turn your fingers towards the insides of your kneecap and let the palms of the hands go around your kneecap for 49 times, which is the optimal number to achieve the flow of qi around the knees. If you have particular issues with your knees, do the 49 circles three times in an hour.

YIN YANG BREATH minimum 9 times, optimal 21 TIMES
Let the breath lead the way

Suggestion: Let your family and or friends know about the tuning so that they can see the videos, and join in. You could set up your own group to enjoy relaxing safely together as you do the tuning.

Please be aware that these videos are the copyrighted property of the Tai Chi Foundation and cannot be reproduced without prior permission.

We would like you to get a sense of yourself at the beginning and end of the tuning.
• How are you today?
• How are you physically?
• How satisfied are you with your life?
• Can you quiet your mind?

Write it down and file it somewhere you won’t lose it. We will ask you to rate yourself again at the end of the tuning for a comparison.
Enjoy the tuning! You will be added to a Google email group specifically for this tuning. Margaret Olmsted will send out a weekly email with updates, suggestions, advice, and pictures.



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