Growing Bamboo

A spring at-home training | 31 days challenge | April 15-May 15

Because of the popularity of our previous at-home trainings, the Tai Chi Foundation is pleased to present a new one for Spring.

Spring is a dynamic season. It is the manifestation of the Wood Element, governing both birth and growth. Below the ground the roots are going deeper and above the ground nature is moving towards the light. So do we as humans. The sun invites us to go outside, warm ourselves, do tai chi and play.

The Growing Bamboo tuning lasts 31 days, requiring from 7 minutes to a maximum of 21, building your growth as is suited to your individual needs.

Possible Benefits:
• Developing root as in an upright connection between heaven and earth
• Agility in body and mind
• Loosening ligaments and tendons
• An active relaxation
• Improving vision as in seeing and for the coming year
• Revitalizing your Body – Mind – Spirit or Quality of Life

Simple Steps to Tune Up for Spring
You are welcome to read the helpful article on Spring and Bamboo. Or follow the next steps directly
2. Register by clicking the green link below. We just need your email address, first and last name. We will not solicit, share, or give away your contact information. You can opt out at any time.
3. You will immediately receive a Welcome email with instructions for the Tuning.
4. Periodically through the 31 days of the Tuning you will receive an email from Margaret Olmsted, one of our teachers.
5. Following the Tuning in May you will be invited to complete a short, online questionnaire. 
6. Note that you do not need to click on the registration link if you have registered after receiving a mailing from the Tai Chi Foundation. Just click on the link to the videos.
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