An At-Home Qi-Building Tuning
September 15 through December 21

We enthusiastically invite you to embark on a new tuning with us! The 100 Bears was our very first tuning and many of you have joined us for several other tunings for Spring, Fall, Winter and Summer. We will follow Professor Cheng's instructions that doing the "Constant Bear and Looking Owl" 100 times a day for 100 days, in an unbroken thread, will produce a return to health and a control of our wellbeing.

We start in late summer, the harvest time of the year with its smooth embracing atmosphere around us, and go through the autumn, with its refreshing awakening quality, its winds shedding all we need to let go of as the light lessens, slowly going into the dark yin of winter and moving closer to the return of the light. How will it be to commit to a daily routine over several seasons?  Join us as we explore this together.

Simple Steps to Tune-Up
1. We invite you to read the article about the Constant Bear.
2. Register by clicking the link below. We just need your email address, first and last name. We will not solicit, share, or give away your contact information. You can opt out at any time. 
3. You will immediately receive a Welcome email with instructions for the Tuning, including a link to a video.
4. Periodically throughout the 100 days of the Tuning you will receive an email from Margaret Olmsted, one of our teachers.
5. At the end of the tuning you will be invited to complete a short questionnaire. 

(You do not need to register a second time if you already registered after receiving a newsletter from the TCF.)